Hello everyone,
I am having an issue with colour replacement tool, where I select a colour e.g. dark blue as you can see in my foreground colour, and it would display as a wrong colour when I use the colour replacement tool (Please see the attached screenshot). Here it is painting light blue instead of dark blue. In settings for colour replacement tool at top I have Colour mode, the layer itself is on normal blending mode. Could you please help me to understand what am I doing wrong here?
I have also tried selecting an area using colour range and filled the selection(in new layer) with my desired colour and changing the blending more from normal to colour of the new layer and it gave me the same result, it seems like something is wrong with blending mode but its difficult to figure out :/
Many thanks in advance,

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
https://www.photoshopgurus.com/forum/th ... elp.62952/

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