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Hi bob it is wonderfully done. I love how i can make the print larger, it helps my more eyes.

Thank you for a such warm and friendly place to hang out. Most of all thanks for you and Jane making this the new forum a reality for all of us.
Johnss :D ssssss
Thank you and a very heartfelt thank you and in case I haven't made myself clear, THANK YOU!
Glad you are here Debra.
Well, I made it over too. Need to work on a gallery, avitar, figure out how to post pictures, etc. I'll get to that when I can- one thing at a time....
Well, I hate changes just about as much as anyone!

But I have to give a big Thank You to those who have siezed the moment and started these alternative sites. Besides learning the Elements program better I really enjoyed the community that had developed. So lets continue that here as well.

Thank you for the warm wlecome!

"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow" - Mark Twain
I'm so sorry I didn't say "THANK YOU" earlier but to be honest , after these last few days I have lost track. Things do seem to be settling down now so again I'd like to say a hugh THANK YOU for getting this new site up and running!!!
Jancy's Gallery
Hi everyone.
I found PET a couple of days ago . Asked one question, got a quick resopnse and the right info, and then "POOF" it was gone. Was it somthing I said????

Followed all of you over here. Thanks to all who made it possible. I hope the next question I ask won't make this site disappear.

Didn't know you were a magician. I promise not to leave.
Welcome Ralph - we aren't going to go poof! if you ask a question or two or even fourty! So ask away....
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