The director said nobody was in danger so the daycare would stay running as "normal", without parents being notified. I was on "diaper duty" and had to change a full room of soiled diapers in a barely-lit room (small battery powered lamp on the table), including 8 bowel movements, without being able to wash my hands. I was told to use baby wipes by other staff (!?), and when I complained to the assistant director was told to deal with it as there was nothing they could do. It is policy to properly wash hands with warm water and soap between each change regardless of whether gloves are used. I scrounged up some hand sanitizer in the closet and used that in between glove changes, but was still really unhappy with the situation. Afterwards a staff arrived with a pitcher of water from the fridge to wash my hands with, but the children using the toilets continued to not wash their own hands.

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