I’ve got a new daycare boy about a month ago. He is 3. His mom is a mess. She has never been on time, shows up an hour and a half late one day like it’s no big thing. She also always asks me to feed him even though I told her breakfast is at a certain time and I may not be able to feed him. I can’t deny the little guy food though. She also takes forever to leave at drop off and it’s always this huge scene. The kid is crying, pulling on her shirt, and she just keeps hanging around reading him stories, etc. About a minute after she is out the door, the crying always stops. Also, she paid me late last week and seemed annoyed that I sent her a couple of reminders. She said “oh I got distracted and forgot.” What’s up with that? I’m sure she would have a cow if her boss said that to her and she didn’t get paid. Sigh, I’m kids frustrated and needed to vent.

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