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For those of you who need to enlarge the text size of the forum there are a couple of ways to do it.

In Foxfire and Internet Explorer you can use Ctrl -/+ to decrease/increase the text size. This of course is global in that window until you change it back.

To change the text size just in the forum in the upper right hand corner under the search box is a control to do this. You have three different sizes to pick from ... normal, larger and largest ... third click takes you back to normal. :shock:

text size.jpg
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Thanks - gotta love members helping members!

This is afterall a member led site, and I'm learning the controls along with the rest of you . :D
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH - now I can see. :shock:

Thanks Jane! :)

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Thanks so much, Julie.

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Yeah - that really helps a lot! Thanks. :D
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MUCH better. thanks. elizabeth
oh how great i can see. Thanks so much :D
This will also work on your number keypad, using ctrl + and/or -. Some keyboards also have a slider on the left-hand side that does the same thing. On some websites, this one included, you can use the wheel on your mouse to enlarge/reduce by holding the control key when using the wheel.

I have heard some people say that none of these work for them. :o
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I also think it is the blue background when we are used to the contrast of the white background.

When I am typing a reply and it is a solid white background it is much easier to see. :P
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I love that I can increase the text size. Probably the best feature a site can have. My poor old eyes get so strained.
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