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If memory serves - and its pretty early here so my memory is a little qustionable - if you upload even one and forget to mark it private the whole become visable. I'm always forgetting that and then having to go back and reset the privacy levels.
It was kinda fun watching all your pictures changing yesterday..
Suzi, you're KIND! I felt bad running all of those by everyone :oops: . And even today, as I made a few changes, I couldn't seem to keep all of them from slipping into the side bar :roll: ! But, here's the good news . . . I think I have the book finished. Just need to have my hubby proof read it, and then it'll be ready for the presses!
I have a question. I hope this is the proper place to do this in. Is there a way to get an email notification to any of the threads I post a message in? I have not been able to figure this out.

Thank you all very kindly :)

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I don't we have that option yet one of the things on spiders list
this is a test
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I take it there is or will be a button that we hit to read all new post since our last visit, "I hope." :woohoo:

Also will we have a forum for Photoshop. Reason I ask is I'm following an article in PET magazine that is making me insane!
Steve, there is a 'view active topics' button on the Forum index page index.php
The Photoshop forum is listed as Photoshop CS on the index page. The Photoshop Elements forum is listed as Photoshop Elements.

There are members who subscribe to the PET magazine that would be happy to help.
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Another test - updated my profile and avatar - because the last one was from 2007 :rotfl:
Learning my way around :woohoo:
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