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Ladybug I dont know why but I get no pic of your frame ,just empty white space. Everybody else theirs are OK
Terrific techniques , but I have no time to play right now Company here for a whole week
These posts come up much nicer & better than they look when you are typing them
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Blurred the background a little, added a gradient at a 60% opacity to add a mistier look.
This is Claire, she was nice enough to let me take her picture on Halloween night. This is the image I worked on today to send to print. (for her Mommy) So this is my Monday Art. :P

Gone Crazy... Back Soon...

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really nice Kimi.....I have been playing again(oh no)

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Thanks Suzi.. get that puppy out of the flames. :o

Boy, some pretty cool Art in here! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Gone Crazy... Back Soon...

Gallery ~ a la kimi

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That one belongs in the flames..her nickname is Devil Dog. Always in trouble. Found this really easy tut on making flames and then added to it to really punch it up
Hi y'all,
Make art Monday...catchy phrase,huh? How about a liquified orchid?
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f/16 on a sunny day.....:)
Here is an image that is already in my gallery here for my
submission this week.
I haven't yet managed posting an image from here in the message--more to learn. This one was actually done entirely in PSE, which isn't typical for me anymore.
really nice Chas and Vicki. Vicki, can you tell me how you got the link with a word to work in here. I can't seem to figure it out
Really Cool Vicki!! :mrgreen:
Gone Crazy... Back Soon...

Gallery ~ a la kimi

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