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As they say on talk radio, longtime listener, first time caller. I really enjoyed the old site and forum learning a lot and am sure this site will be a great source of valuable information. It looks great!

Anyway, I am still pretty new to PSE, but have been using Shutterfly to share and print my photos. Is there a plug in for PSE for Shutterfly? I have been uploading the pictures through Shutterfly’s website under the add photos tab. It is nice in that it will upload all of the photos from a given folder with just one click. However, it does not upload the pictures in any particular order. Also, any captions put on the pictures in PSE do not get uploaded to Shutterfly. If there is no plug in, is there an easy way to upload the pictures to Shutterly in a particular order and have the captions transfer as well?


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I've never heard of a plugin for PSE like you are describing.

You can share your vivoio gallery here with friends and family too. :)
You forgot to mention that you can also make private albums ... just for your family and friends. Personally I like this format better. I know I will be ordering from before too long. As far as I know, there was nothing offered like this at PET. I think we've moved up!
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That is true - within your gallery you can set up multiple albums with different levels of security on them.
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