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Just wondering, when you post a picture in the gallery can someone doing a google search find it? For instance, if I save a photo in my gallery and name it "Allatoona" and if someone did a search in Goolgle for images and types "Allatoona" would the photo come up? My guess is no but I just wondering.

post note: I just tried and it didn't come up w/anything.
I don't think so, the "Scraps of Pink" gallery never showed up on google hits.
Thank you Jane for the reply. I never really understood what all you could find on a Google search because sometimes you get personal websites along with websites that are protected. So I guess if we want to share our galleries with someone we have to send them a link to our gallery and then they will be able to view it, otherwise they won't be able to find it. One time I searched my screen name and it came up with my gallery in PET.
If you post a link to it in a public place like here - then that is open to being read by any of the search bots. Pretty much anything you say in any publich place on-line could be read and indexed by the search bots. I know there have been times when I've done a google search trying to get more info, and the only thing I find is where I asked a question about that topic on PET for example.
Thanks Jane, I think the worldwide web is a great place but we have to be careful what we post because it can be fair game to anyone wants it.
If you post it, it will be searchable. I went to google and did a search on 'fdlite' and got many hits back along with pictures that have been posted thru here, flickr, etc. Along with every post I have made. So be carefull with what you post.
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Charlotte, I think your search didn't work because the GoogleBot has to crawl your site and find the picture before Google can list it. Did you have it on your site for a while already?
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