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This is how I find my files. FIrst off they are all organized by year. 2007 are in the 2007 folder under the date the photo was taken so I somewhat know where things are before I look for it.

With that said in organizer I highlight a photo that I want to find then on the bottom left there is a button next to the globe and it when you hover over it the note says Show or Hide Propertie (Alt + Enter) this will give you a small window popup named Properties. This is where you can put in name, comments or whatnot. Under that part is the size and then the location of the photo file you have highlighted. Then you have the full name and can find it. It will only show one photo location at a time. You can leave that window open and click on any file to see where it is.
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LR is Light Room. It is great for doing the initial processing of your photos, especially if you shoot RAW (but can be used for JPG also) that allows you to process lots of photos quickly. It doesn't do the artistic things that PSE or CS can do, but will get your pics ready for it. It gives you a lot more tools for processing than ACR in PSE does. :mrgreen:

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