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Well this domain is registered to me personally, but I'll probably transfer it over to PrestoPhoto when things get settled down around here. :)
I've just logged onto the other site after reading about the changes here. This whole thing just gets weirder and weirder by the minute. Can't understand exactly what they are doing :o
Annie's just said that Dave has underwritten the operation of the PET/EV site himself, so that the forum can remain open.

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to say, "Hi!" I had a bit of difficulty logging in, but now I'm good. I sent Christian a PM last night, and I was very impressed that he answered my question I had about the problem logging in, and he told me he fixed it! Awesome!

Now I have to figure out how to get my gallery link over here. Thanks to Rusty's post, I got the Avatar! Thanks, Rusty!

I'm off to figure stuff out! Just glad to see so many of my "friends!"

Sela :D
Hi Sela.. one of the best avatars I have seen so far! :P

Glad you made it.
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What the heck. Can we still get into the subscribers area somehow? I tried and can't. I still have videos I didn't get downloaded and tuts.

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I printed off the last of the subscriber stuff I wanted this morning, so can still get in; just not from the village site. Go to the photoshopelementsuser site and log in to get to the subscriber area. This looks like a good site. Have only added 1 photo as a test of the gallery. Will get more in as get time.
Just go to the Village site, click on anyones gallery link. From there you should be able to access the Subscriber Area. Bookmark the Login page and you got it. That's what I did yesterday and it worked for me.
Eva ;)
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If anyone wants anything from the subscriber area of PET you better get it now. I have a feeling it will be shutting down a lot sooner then they thought. The only thing I need to download is the brushes. I haven't downloaded any of them but as soon as they disappear I sure I will want some of the, like Wendy's angel brushes, or Grant's downloads.
Cmcburnett wrote: Go to this post. Kinda confuses me. ... post331205

I would like to forget those who tried to close the previous forum.
Now that it survived :o, and that kwmediagroup is out, I think we
should reconsider :roll: and take normal advantage of both forums.
The dust settles, and there was just people left on the boat that sank, but its now on quiet sea.
(I think you know some of them).

A fact, the url ... post331205
was an attempt to get rid of that flood of tears that I noticed when the boat was sinking.

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