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It has become the ultimate betrayal.

They never thought we would have another site so soon. They had to jump before everyone moved over. I look at it this way. The members are the inventory. It like when we buy out a new real estate company. (which my company does quite often) Sure you get the listings but it's the agents you want. They are the ones that will keep bringing in the business.
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How on earth that forum belong to the people - I don't understand how the upkeep is going to be funded.

And of course anything that the members there can do - you can do here too. :D
You know,folks,this thing just gets weirder and stranger as the time goes by.
This would make a good Steven King novel or a short story by Rod Serling.... :mrgreen:
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f/16 on a sunny day.....:)
Good to see you here Chas! :P
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All of this looks so good. I'm here to stay. Glad to see some old "faces" and some old names, along with new ones. ;)

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Why is the site that shall not be named doing everything bass ackwards? :evil: You think a company that big would have better communication skills.
PS I like this site better. It feels like this one is ours and I'd much rather own than rent! :mrgreen:
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Hi anarchy fans!

In what must be one of the world's greatest examples of Don't Get It Syndrome, the following was offered up in that Other Forum by Matt K:

"I know, I know... you're asking yourself why we didnt' just say this in the beginning. Trust me, we just couldn't or we would have."

It was Top Secret, see. National Defense. Yeah, that's it! Trust me.

Why not just say "It was a business decision"? For some reason that seems to placate the masses. The fact that these "business" people decided to break their contracts with their subscribers seems not to signify. "It was a business decision to breach our contract, so it's OK".

I'm staying here. Trust me.

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just had a look at the "Village", what chaos.
Also noticed it is powered by -

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Is that who used to do it?

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Well they used vBulletin software before - and we were going to use it but this software is easier for Christian to customize. But I've not gotten a straight answer on who actually owns the Village.
The Village's domain name was registered to Dave Moser, KW's COO on Friday. Personally, which seems unusual to me.

I've just posted there asking for clarity as to what happened. We'll see whether an answer is forthcoming. I can't see why all the mystery myself.

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