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Just need to get this off my chest. I said good-bye to the old pet forum. I want you to read what I said. I could be wrong but I don't think I am.

"I am writing this to say good-bye to all the wonderful people on this forum that have helped me so much. But I have lost faith in this site. I know from my limited computer experience that it takes days to set up a migaration like this one. I also feel that the adminstrators and or some members knew about this days ago. To sit back and watch Jane and her boss put in days of work to find us a new home and not say a thing is just mean spirited and bad. If I am wrong then I will say "sorry" now. But I don't think I am. So I am moving completely over the new home..Photoshop creative elements community. I hope you will join me at some time. Maybe in time when I am over the disappointment I feel I will come back."

So you guys are stuck with me,lol
I am probably wrong, but I get the feeling that the forum was sold to someone.
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Saw your post on the Village and share your sentiments.

KW Media Group has demonstrated a complete lack of media savy and suck bit time at communications. Somebody had to know what was in the pipe and could have come clean. To not have done so is a demonstration of supremem bungling.

At least I can say that here!
John, thank you. I had to do it. I feeling so strongly about it and the utter disrepect they showed us, Jane and her boss. I would love to know what comments my good-bye is getting is any. Oh well, water undr the bridge as they say. I look forward to a long relationship with this group.
Suzi, I saw your post in PET, or should I say the Village. I'm glad you are settled in here. At least we can all help each other with this new site. It takes me a bit to get use to changes but so far I'm satisfied w/this site and glad to see so many of old forum buddies here.
We can't make anyone come but I am not going back. I could tell about the e-mails I have received and it puts a whole new spin on things. I am staying here. So that mean you are gonna have to do your homework!! :P
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Oh I know I'm going to hell in a hand basket without KW......yeah right!
My gallery is here where it belongs. I'm here where I belong.....with all my cherished friends from all over the world.
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Sold or not KW went from, no news letter but board, to no news letter no board, to no news letter and new 'village' in under 2 weeks.
And to be able to port all the members to their new web home in under a day, something up with that. But who knows what.
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Suzi, I agree. It all happened too quickly, and for no one in a large company to know what's happening while it's happening seems a bit strange for big business.

I, too, was censored quite a bit on that forum (apparently they don't like any competition - fair enough, it's their forum) but the new layout - explained as a way to "ease the transition and keep the community alive" - seems to have been a direct response to this forum gaining many of the users. C'mon - they have a new look, new domain, new forum with all the old posts, several salaried people working on this transition, posts from executive people who've never been heard from before explaining how sorry they are that all this happened, etc. etc. etc., just a few hours after this forum is announced?

Jane, to tell you the truth, I'm surprised your original post over there wasn't deleted almost immediately, considering the treatment I got!

Personally, I received a lot of negative vibe from a few of the folks there, from having posts deleted to links removed to outright rude PMs about not posting tutorials and techniques. I was also instructed not to PM amyone about any of the stuff I might be working on, much less post it publicly. True, they're running a business, and part of their business is / was selling subscriptions, tools and techniques, but most of these things are available elsewhere on the web for free or cheaper than them. Understandably, they don't want anyone pointing this out. This is why so many of my posts over there seemed truncated or incomplete or coy or mysterious - I couldn't write anything that would be allowed to stay!

Anyway, enough of my venting.... :|
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Graffi you are welcome to post any tutorials here you want and if you want beta testers I'm sure folks around here would be happy to help. If you want to put a line in your siggy that says something like - "hey Handy Actions 3.0 is now available - come check it out!" I don't have a problem with that either.
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