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Okay now that I've got everyone's attention ... There is sooooo much going on here and I've read so many posts that my eyes are seeing double. I'm heading out to the spa room with a glass of St. Julian's Sauterine wine. I do have wireless networking and could take ya'll out to the hot tub with me but I'm sure you'll understand if I just leave ya'll here and go out with my soul mate. ;)

On second thought (thanks to Kimi_boo) ... anyone ready to hit the hot tub? BYOB
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Too funny - wish I had one of those I sure could use a good soak.

I'm about ready to collapse myself so after creating the test gallery you suggested I think I'm going to head off to give my kids a cuddle and then head for bed.
and here I thought it was an invitation?
guess I'm off to bed with hubby. :lol:
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Julie That's a great Idea. I also need to relax. I have been reading here and there for hours. I can only imagine how everone else feels! But it's a great feeling we have a new home! Enjoy the wine and spa.
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Hot tub?! Where's the hot tub? Don't tell me I missed out on the fun again... :roll:
Julie, I'm off for the hot tub too. Beautiful night here in GA and a glass of red wine will top it off. Then I'm off to bed to start another day at the law firm. I'm slowly getting settled into the forum, at least I have started a gallery and linked it to my posts and I still have a long way to go but that will be another day.
Oh, I wish hubby would fix our hot tub, I could really use it right now.

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AngelicKim wrote: Oh, I wish hubby would fix our hot tub, I could really use it right now.

Kim, our hot tub is outside on the back deck so when it is really cold I don't use it. Sometimes I wish it were inside, I think I would use it more. But for now, great weather and beautiful clear nights. Unfortunately, lots of clear nights, we desparately need rain. I will speak to your husband about fixing your's :mrgreen:
Our Hot Tub died this fall. It was only 12 years old :lol: and time to go. I will miss it especially in the cold winter months.
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