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Since everyone seems to be checking into this section - I thought I'd mention theses member requested additions here.

New forums - They are located near the bottom of the board index

Site Suggestions - sections for both preformance and site exapnsion
Testing Zone - try your test posts here so that we reduce clutter in other threads

And a new subforum in the 'More Creative Elements' section:
Tools and Accessories - a place to discuss tools memebers use (printer, scanner, software etc)
I'm confused. Do we have a Jane and a Wags? (that is Jane? )

If that is the case... Hi Jane. :P
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"Jane" is for site admin stuff (like adding forums)

"Wags" is how I will appear most of the time

Sorry for the confusion. :D
Jane/Wags, glad you cleared that up. I was also wondering why you had 2 different screen names, now I know.
I was wondering the same thing. Thank's for clearing that up!!
Love the avatar Jane!!!
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