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No offense taken here Russ. I only posted the original for those that aren't from here and may not know who it was so they could see how awesome the Photoshopping is. Like I said before, I wouldn't use the technique to change a persons colors but it could be useful in color correction on old pics.

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Nor was I offended by that. it does take a good level of skill to accomplish those kinds of edits. But to me, it would come under the category of possibly taking things a bit too far.

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Moi non plus! (Ditto everyone else).

I just couldn't connect it. Probably because I had never seen the original "official" pic, but someone has demonstrated some pretty impressive Photoshop Skills.
I don't think you offended anyone Russ, it is an interesting post. I bet Anita might have a clue on how to do something like this (she took a class on skin tone correction).
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Thanks everyone for your comments. After reading them I felt better about my post.
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