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My name should be George because I'm curious about what everyone's favorite PS or PSE tool is?
Let me start by saying that my current favorite tool is the quick selection tool. It's fairly easy to use and does a pretty good job of making selections. So which tool is your current favorite?
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Chas, I hope there are replies by many members.

That is a hard question for me to answer because I think about 95% of CS3 rocks.
I think I would miss 'color range' the most. Quick selection is wonderful, but 'color range' is 'magic wand' on steroids.
for PSE users who are unfamiliar with 'color range' ... 76f4a.html
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All the more reason for writing this thread.....I've never used color range. Thanks Betty.
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f/16 on a sunny day.....:)
i love using the warp tool and reshaping things.
I'm pretty boring... Levels and Unsharp mask?! Or how about layers, do they count as a tool? Especially layer masks.

What a great idea for a thread. However, I'll have to give some thought to it before I can answer. Right now my mind is blank on the subject.
The Brush is my most often used tool. Frequently on layer masks but most often I use it to paint on a 50%-Gray Layer in Overlay Blend Mode: paint with black and you can tone down overly bright spots, paint with white and brighten up dark areas. And, I converted my signature to a brush so that is used to finish most images.

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For me, PSE9 and CS5's Content Aware tools - Spot Healing Brush only in Elements, but a few more tweaks available in CS5.

And from the other side, a Curves adjustment layer for a host of reasons - colour correction, lighting (levels), contrast.
Not sure if you could call this a tool, but Ctrl-Z is the one I use the most. Another one is Levels.
Carol what is the ctrl z?
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