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Crtl + Z is undo! :D

ha ha ha boy do i use that one!
ladybug wrote: ha ha ha boy do i use that one!

Me too!!!!!
OMG what an awesome idea for a thread. All this time using CS3 and never realized it had the quick selection tool. Now love it!!! Agree on Ctrl Z and Color Range. Would have to think on other favorites.

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oh my Betty i just have to play with color range now that i know i have it. funny how ya kinda slip into a routine and use certain tools more than others. Chas thanks for starting the thread.
It just kinda popped in my head that we never discussed this topic here. Another of my "must haves" is the levels adjustment layer. I'd be lost without it.
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Thanks to the color picker information. I had to play with it and here is my results.
My fav.tool is when I turn my computer on (on and it works) ???? JUST KIDDING !!!!!


I would say levels and sharpening tool are my fav.

George :thumbsup:
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I would have to go with Courtney and George. I sharpen every photo, totally or partially, sometimes with multiple tools.

I think I uae the crop tool most often.
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