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In 1950 I was 7years old. In that same year we moved from the city of Bell to the city of Downey (both in Los Angeles County). Our next door neighbors (in Downey) were a wonderful couple with two little kids. An 8 yr old boy (Ray - my best friend in those days) and a 7 yr old daughter (Raeanne). The three of us lived next door to each other from 1950 until 1963.

Today my DW and I had lunch with Raeanne today and she brought a few pictures to share with us. She asked me to take them home and see what Photoshop could do with them. I had fairly good success with the top picture below, but the last picture is above my pay grade.

You all did such nice work with my DW's aunt's pictures. I was hoping you might be able to do something with this photo also.

Thanks in advance - Russ



Russ, your corrections turned out great. Thanks for your comments about Dee & Margie's photos.

This is above my pay grade as well. However, I did make some changes & added color to the dress, as it is faded in the photo.
Russ-Friend-60K.jpg (86.51 KiB) Viewed 1106 times

640 pix: ... tSXxpiUN9h

fwiw: this could be a beautiful photo if it were taken to a professional by your friend. She might also consider cropping it.
If it were mine, I would scan it at 300+ppi. enlarge it, & save in lossless LZW tiff to minimize compression artifacts before trying to bring it back in PS

Thanks for sharing the photos,Russ. They were a fun challenge. I always learn something, as well.
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Betty, thanks for the kind words and the work on my friend's photo. Your end results were much better, by far, than my work on that photo. Raeanne, the girl in the picture, will love the improvement you made.

As you all know, I'm not as knowledgeable as many others in the group, for example I have no idea what "lossless LZW" might be - tiff I understand. I did scan it at 300 ppi; however, you said 300+ and I only used 300 on it.

Thanks again - Russ
Russ, I don't know much about file formats, just what I've read or heard from others. Deke McClelland & some others who have tutorials on scanning for restoration recommend the format & 300 ppi (or more) resolution. I've found that using higher ppi & enlarging the photo pays off when scanning old photos with big problems, which might require a lot of editing.

(When I started learning & trying restoration, I worked hard on lower resolution, without much success. So, I followed recommendations for higher resolution & larger sizes. The editing went smoother & the results were better. Especially, when there is a face that needs a lot of work. Scanning & restoring images on small, old slides are the most challenging)

Here is a little info about LZW tiff if you are interested. Probably google would offer more, should you want more nfo. ... -lzw-tiff/

Thanks for the nice comment & for sharing the photo. I love her beautiful dress. I enjoyed working with the image. It would be interesting to know the true color of the dress. It still might have too much blue/& or cyan residual.
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Betty, thanks for taking the time to explain about LZW TIFF. The link you provided explained the advantages of that file; however, after working on a picture (in CS5) I open "save as" and what I see is the photo below. I have looked for LZW Tiff, but can't find it. How do you save it that way?

Thanks in advance - Russ

click on TIFF - that opens a TIFF options dialog box.
Taz Tally (photoshop guru) recommends selecting interleaved in the Tiff options dialogue box.
He also states that the Mac will save & work just fine when selecting either Mac or IBM PC (should you ever need to share the file with a PC user).
Some folks have tried saving TIFF in 16 bit, but ran into big trouble, so it is better to stay with 8 bit when saving. The file can be changed to 16 bit in PS later, if desired.
After all editing is complete, save in TIFF again or maxiumum quality JPEG to minimize compression artifacts. If you are planning to print, it might be a good idea to check if the printer does OK with a TIFF. It might require a TIFF without LZW or ZIP options. .
btw: saving in PSD after scanning is also good. However, one can not work on a PSD in camera raw. That is why saving in LZW TIFF is recommend if editing after scanning is planned.

I hope that helps. Good luck

off topic : video on care of a scanner. To avoid stalls, let it load completely before viewing. It is a free Lynda video which gets a lot of views. I found it helpful, however I doubt if I could be as meticulous as Taz is. ... pter=False
from this course: ... 090-2.html
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"not sure"...

You are too modest. It is a beautiful memento.

Betty, thanks for taking the time to explain. Just when I think I know everything (yea right) I find that I've come up short again. I will watch the videos ASAP.
Beautiful restoration on that photo. I'm afraid I don't have the patience for doing restorations.
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f/16 on a sunny day.....:)
Betty that turned out great.
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