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Our trainer uses buffalo to train the horses for cutting. He's had these for a couple years now and they really are quite tame. We were right in the arena with them and all they wanted to do was run, play, paw the dirt, and roll. However, when it was time to go to work, they put on their best show. This was after only two months of training on Lady. We'll see her in a practice show with cattle instead of buffalo on April 7. Can hardly wait.



You made my day! That is the funniest thing I have seen in ages. What a hoot.

Using old, tame, laid back buffalo to train horses. Whoda thunk it.

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Louise very cool photo.
Really interesting catch, Louise. This is the first time I've heard of using buffalo these days for anything, except for an unusual food source. Good luck with the upcoming competitions.
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Glad you all enjoyed seeing the buffalo as “training equipment.” They are much faster than cattle and so that makes it easier to work cattle in actual competitions. As the show season progresses we’ll keep you all posted. Thanks for your wonderful comments.
Today was the third time we have shown her in a judged show. March was so-so, she didn't do well in April, and then today she improved her score by 9 points. All competitors start at 70 points and then are either marked down for mistakes or marked up for "going above and beyond" what is expected. She scored a 69 today and I'm quite pleased. A month has made a tremendous difference in her training and the use of the buffalos is really paying off now.


Louise, I enjoyed your pictures and the story that went with them.
Louise very interesting. Love the information and the photos.
The August 19th show was Lady's best performance so far. She scored a 72 and tied for second place. That score should have moved her into the year-end awards category. We scored higher than ten other horses so that will greatly add to her points. We are very pleased with the training program and hoping she is ready for the working cow horse pen next summer. She sure does like to get into a herd of cattle and work.


Louise that is fantastic. Congratulations.
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