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Do any of you know of anyone that has an overlay in their store that would resemble mist or fog close to the ground? I've been looking and haven't been able to find one. Am wanting to experiment with some of my photos using that type of overlay. Thanks in advance.
Nope, but you could also look for mist or fog brushes. That might work. But I also don't have a link for any of those... sorry, not much help here.

Thanks, Courtney. Maybe someone will know of one. I think brushes might just work.

Have you had any luck? I found this link, which sounds promising: ... y-brushes/

I also noticed my searches came up with quite a few tutorials for using PS to add fog to photos. You might want to try some of them.

Courtney and Judy
Many thanks for the links. I'll be studying those this evening and see if I can make them work with some of my photos. I'd like to teach it to my class if I can make it work. They didn't ask for it again last night and hopefully, they have forgotten about it. I, on the other hand, do want to try it on some of my pics.

Thank you again.
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