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I've found some really nice clip art online but don't know how to put it into Photoshop Elements. Is this possible? Thanks. Mary
I do it all the time. If the piece of art you are looking at doesn't come with a "download button", right-click on the image and select "Save As". My PC will, by default, save the image in the "Downloads" folder with whatever name I specify. It's usually a Jpeg image, pretty small, resolution usually "72". If it's not a Jpeg it is some format that Elements will recognize and open (usually).

I'm sure I could get good quality high resolution images if I went to the websites that are selling clip art images. For my purposes I only look at the "free sites" and those are always pretty small images.

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Rusty, thanks very much! I selected "Save As" and it worked! Will try some free downloads soon.

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