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A split prism screen to aid in manuel focusing? Also does it effect anything using it in Auto mode?

I have a nikkor 50mm 1.8 Af, but AF wont work on the D40. Some come out really sharp but most of them are a little soft. I have some trouble in bright light seeing the "infocus light" in the view finder because of my glasses. Then again maybe the glasses are the problem :shock:
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Hank, I take my glasses off.

My eyesight is really bad but the Nikon Diopter adjustment control wheel next to the viewfinder worked for me. Have you tried that?

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Thanks Rusty, I'll try that, And I guess just a lot more practice.
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I've heard of people using the "Katz Eye" replacement focusing screens for different cameras and they're very pleased. Apparently easy to change - no special tools required.

Here's the D40 screen......

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Thanks for the link. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Time fly's, and challenges just keep coming ,and coming, and coming.

Anyway, I did get a chance to check it out. But Now, Nikon is coming out with a 35mm f 1.8 auto focus for the dx's so I might think this over a little more.
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Years dad used a Contaflex 35 mm camera. I learned photography on it. It had the split screen focus I think you are talking about. When I look through the viewfinder it has a circle in the middle and then a line that cuts the circle in two. Then to focus you bring the two parts of the circle together. I loved it. It was much better than tryign to (see) if the scene was in focus.
I now shoot with a 1Ds Mark II and all my lens have auto focus and I seldom, if never, shoot with manual focus.
But I remember the split screen focus and it was a good way to focus. I would find something that was linear and use it to focus on.
I still have my dad's old Contaflex. It has a Zeiss lens with the split screen focus.
The camera that i used just for black and white film has a split fosus, its a nikon {nikkormack ?} It's great for anything thats not moving.Icant focus quick enough on anything that is moving!,lol .I love it,it's a chunky square old guy,hubby got it for me for about £30.00,it was in a box of loads of old camera stuff at a general auction ,phil didnt get a chance to see what was in the box properly as the auction had allready started so he took a gamble,so to find the nikon at the bottom was very lucky,I have no idea of its true value or how old it is but I do know I love it to bits.
I have never use a "normal" lens on any camera. But on my Old Film type Nikons I use a 35mm lens as my 'normal" lens. Even though it was a manual focusing lens I had it as an auto focus lens by taping the focusing ring to the 15 ft. mark anything 5 feet in front of me was SHARP, so I never had to focus.
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