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Does anyone have any advice on what type of digital frame to buy? I bought one from Brookstone at Christmas [b]for my 85 year old mother. I bought the 10" frame because I thought it would be easier for her to see. I was told at the store, putting the photos on would be easy and it was. Only thing, after I put a few pictures on it, it stopped working, so I returned it. I need something that is easy to use with scanned picture.[/b
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What brand of frame did you get her? One of our local news stations did a story on the digital frames and they found that a lot of people are having problems with the cheaper, lesser known name brands out there. Some have even come loaded with viruses that infect your PC if you hook them up to it. We have a couple of smaller Kodak frames and they are working fine.

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I have one that was given to me as a gift. It's a brand I have never heard of, "Portable USA". It is also a total piece of junk. I can tell you what not to get. Get one that has USB Port so you can plug in a thumb drive. I have to copy from PC onto a SD Card which is slow and unwieldy. The first time I tried to use it -- bunch of grandkid pictures for DW -- I thought it wasn't working. It would show (finally) the first image then go black ... for a long, long, long time ... then the next image. Finally figured out it was taking that long to load. I had to resize every single image. Used Save For Web; then it worked fine. Needless to say, I have never tried to use it since.

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I have a Kodak frame that was given to me and it works very well. The only problem with it and other frames I have seen is that it is a strange size, different then a photo blown up to that approximate size would be so if you have important content around the edges of the photo it won't be seen.
I have a very large Westinghouse digital frame. I have run it for a year with no problems in slideshow mode, from an SD card. I ran into problems last week when I tried to update the show and did a search online. Found some interesting ideas out there on file sizes, formating etc. There are forums out there responding to questions about these frames. I typed in google 'troubleshooting digital frame' and found more answers than questions I had. I love the westinghouse brand, have it loaded with over 1000 photos that transition in groups of 3 or 4. I don't use the music modes that come on the frames, I like the idea of a zip drive or SD card vs the internal memory mode.

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I have a Westinghouse frame which I have used for 2 plus years screen is probably 5 x 7. Never had a problem. Run slide show everyday at work from SD card.

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I didn't buy a cheap one. It was a Brookstone name brand that was on sale for $200 at Christmas. I need to be able to (UPload, or download?) straight from the camera. I read somewhere that the photo ratio(whatever that is) needed to be 4:2 (Ithink). The one from brookstone didn't even have that ratio in directions. I found others didn't list that ratio either.
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