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Has anyone used extension tubes and do they work well?
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I haven't used extension tubes recently but they do work well for macro shots on a budget. A sturdy tripod is essential because of possible long shutter times.
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They work well on any lens to shorten the minimum focus distance of the lens although they are generally thought of for macro use. One thing to keep in mind is that you will lose light with tubes. The longer your tube set, the more light lost.
They work, the problem is guessing the right exposure for the image. I would prefer a reverse adapter ring to install the lens on the camera on reverse that will make it a very close, closed up lens. On my Rollei I Install the lens on reverse on the camera and use the camera bellows for proper focusing, it gives me a 3:1 ratio. So even though I have tubes I dont use them. Beside focusing with tubes is a pain in the neck. Hope this help.
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