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Hello everyone,
I need some expertise from any member that can help...
My daughter is looking for a good mid range camera under $500.00
Nothing to complicated...but of course takes wonderful pic's

Please help if you can
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You can get Nikon or Canon in that price range. I have a Nikon D-40 and love it, next step up is the D-60. However the Nikon DX series is somewhat limited to the amounts of Auto Focus lenses that are availabile for it. I have the kit lenes that came with the camera and recently bought the 35mm 1.8 and a 50mm was given to me because on the D40 it is Only Manual Focus.

My son in law has the canon and he just lcves it. Some canon people will come along shortly and explain the lenes for Canon.

Research and compare on the net. Go to a camera shop/walmart ect. and hold each one to see how they feel in your hand. OH what fun your going to have. This is going to open up a whole new " I love My..." thread. Should be interesting.
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I have to agree with going to the store & holding it. It has to feel comfortable in your hands.
Also, look at the menu. Is it easy for you to understand, can you get to things easy without having to dive to far into the menu to get to something.
I have a Canon, because it fit really well in my hand. You'll know it when you pick it up & take it for a test drive.

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My suggestion will be the Canon G-10. I have several cameras but I find myself using my Canon G-9 more and more I will say 90% of the time for my personal work. I use the DSLR Nikons for commercial work only. The advantage of the G-10 are many including the best portability you can get. If I was going to buy a camera today I will buy the Canon G-10. Hope this help.
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When you say, "...nothing too complicated..." that makes me consider something other than SLR.

The advantage of SLR is, of course, the variety of lens available ... and, of course, we just gotta keep spending to get that next must have lens. I would really like to have, for myself, an "advanced" point-and-shoot that gives me most of the features (settings) available on my SLR. I would be looking for something that has optical IS (what Canon calls it) or VR (what Nikon calls the same thing). I also want something with a "big zoom" capability --- why else did I buy a telephoto lens for my SLR?

I agree that you should go to a store where you can touch and handle and "under $500" provides a huge range of possibilities. The Canon PowerShot series has many choices which includes the G10 that everybody likes. I would be more interested in the PowerShot SX10 because of the 20x optical zoom compared with the G10 at only 5x.

Kodak's EasyShare line has gotten good reviews: the Z1015 has a 15x zoom ($210) and the Z980 goes up to 24x ($400). Also at that same $400 price is the Nikon Coolpix P90 which also has a 24x zoom and, of course, optical VR.

The Canon G10 is the only advanced P&S I am aware of that provides the ability to shoot in RAW. That's important to many of us on this forum but I have to wonder if it means anything to your daughter. I am probably attaching more importance to telephoto zoom than it deserves, but that's something important to me.

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Very, very great information...
Thanks to everyone and now we something to start with
blemaire :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
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Nikon D200
There are a bunch of reliable point and shoot digicams in that price range if you're not leaning toward a DSLR.
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