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I have a kodak point a shoot camera. I know very little except but i have a question that maybe someone can answer. Seems like when i take pictures indoors there is a tint to them.
If it is an orange tint, the reason is incandescent lights.
Does your P&S give you a menu option to change the White Balance setting? (it may be abbreviated as WB) If you are able to change it, don't forget to change it back to Daylight or to Auto. Otherwise, when you go outside, your shots will be tinted blue.

If you can't change it, a levels adjustment layer will probably make the correction. Don't simply move the slider when it "opens on RGB". Click the drop-down box next to the word "Channel" and adjust the Blue, Green and Red channels individually. (there was a Kimi Homework assignment on this -- don't remember the number).

An alternative to individual channel adjustments, if you have something in the image that's supposed to be white, is to use the white eyedropper. That may do the trick.


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If incandescent light is the culprit, as stated by Rusty, the best is of course to use the adequate setting on the camera. After the fact, there are many ways to do it in Elements. I like the levels adjustments suggested by Rusty, but there are other ways if this does not give satisfactory results:
- the simplest one is often overlooked because you are using the 'full edit' mode. In the 'quick edit' mode you have got a 'temperature' slider in the color group. There is nothing like this in the 'full edit' mode!
- Old film shooters will probably use the 'cooling' and 'warming' photo filters
- the correct color cast adjustment may be very effective if you can select a white or neutral grey part in the image.
- probably the best correction can be achieved with ACR, even with jpegs (temperature slider)
It is good to know several ways, they are not all as effective depending on the situation.
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thank you both i will try to set it the next time. I appreciate the information and your help.
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