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Susan, sorry I forgot last night when I got home my sister in law had came in from Miami to visit us so my little memory forgot, anyway here it is.

John Doe (your name)
Your mailing address including, tel., fax, email and website (no excuse as to how to find you)



I John Doe, photographer owner, author, and intelectual creator of the photograp/s here described, give and authorized a one (1) time repreduction rights only to__________________ for the following purpose:

Photgraph/s Description:

1- Don Diego File No. 052609-20-F3 (description) Don Diego & Susan having coffe at Photo Cafe
5-List as many pictures as you are releasing and make sure you give a good description of what is in the photo in short words.

I______________(name of person you are releasing the pictures to) will make sure that credit will be given to John Doe, photographer when publishing the photos as follow: Photo by John Doe © 2009 or the current year. I also undesrtand that I will be liable to pay John Doe ,Photographer, the Estate of John Doe or his representative the sum of five hundred dollars ($500.00) per each unauthorized reproduction of any of the above discribed images. I accept and agree to the terms and conditions of this Photo Release.
John Doe, Photographer
Recipient (print name)


Recipient Signature


NOTARY PUBLIC:__________________

Susan, if you are charging for the pictures per publication you have to state the amount and terms in the last paragraph, OK. Another important thing is to stamp ea. photo with: CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN and your name© 2009 Hope this help. :D
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Thank you so much, Don Diego!!!! Charging, you have got to be kidding, I was using her for practice. I should be paying her, lol
Susan, that's fine but so you know the day will come when people will pay you so when that day come you'll know what to write. :D
A well conseived image is a poem written with light.
PSE6 - Lightroom - CS3 - Win-Vista -Epson 7800
Nikon D80 - D-700 - Canon G9
Hey Don.. Do you happen to have a basic model release I could have?? :biggrin:

Something saying I have a right to use their image for my own stuff.. tutorials, website, portfolio, etc..

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