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I have no idea what any of the stuff I read about lenses means. I look at the zoom lenses and they say macro zoom what does that mean?
I need some basic information on what to look for. I just want a lens that I can zoom up into a tree and get a bird or maybe bring in some things that are just to far for my regular lens to get. Can anyone give me some basic info?
Tina B
I sure did not think jumping to a D40 would be so complicated.
Forgot to ask How much do these things cost?
Tina B
The current Outdoor Photographer magazine has a great article about picking lenses for a digital SLR.
Chas's Gallery
f/16 on a sunny day.....:)
The article in Outdoor Photographer that Chas mentions is a good place to start for learning about lenses. Give it a good reading and then if you have more specific questions, feel free to ask.

As for lenses for the D40 you need to be careful in what you pick because in order to get full functionality out of the lens, I.e.: autofocus, metering, etc. the lens itself has to contain the focusing motor. For Nikon series lenses you would need to obtain AF-S and AF-I type lenses. See here for more info. Check out the Compatible Lens section on that page. Other brand lenses will code their lenses differently but basically you will be looking for lenses that have internal focusing motors in them.

As for cost, lens prices cover an extremely wide range. You can find some for just a few hundred dollars (or less) up to several thousands of dollars. In my internet wanderings I have found a particular Canon lens with about 8 gazillion mm range for about $125,000. (ordered it yesterday!) :rotfl: Seriously, though, the most important investment in a dSLR you can make is in the lens (glass). The better your glass, the better results you will get out of your camera. And a lens you buy today will service you long after you upgrade from the D40 to the D3X I know your just dying to have! I know budgetary considerations come in to play here, but you need to think about where you want to go with your photography and balance that against what you can afford and choose the best glass you can get with the money you have to spend.


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Just as a starting point,what is your "regular" lens?
18-15mm Nikkor is what I have.
Tina B
Tina, I would highly recommend getting a zoom lens!! I love mine and use it all the time.

Try this site

They have forums for your D40 and tons of info on Nikon topics.
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Tina, I would look for zoom lens that starts near the upper range of your current zoom and goes up to the 200-300mm range next. A macro zoom means it has some close focusing capabilities, although not as good magnification as a true macro. Bear in mind that birds in trees require seriously expensive glass(400-600mm).
suzib wrote: Tina, I would highly recommend getting a zoom lens!! I love mine and use it all the time.

What kind of zoom lenz do you have Suzi ?
Tina B
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