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I have a Canon A620 it uses SD memory cards. My son has a Canon SX110 IS which also uses SD cards
I want to loan him my 3 512MB SD cards .
Is it a good idea to do this .? Have read somewhere about formatting cards in the camera. Would he have to do this before he uses them & then would I have to do same when I get them back.
What is formatting?
One of my cards was never used in my camera I used it to transfer data from a computer to a laptop.
Thanks. Storm
Yes, each of you should reformat the cards in your respective cameras. It won't hurt a thing. There may not be much difference (if any) between how the two cameras handle their file systems, but its still a good idea. And all formatting does is the system (in this case the cameras) prepares the memory cards for use, in addition to wiping out any data that may already be on them. I reformat my memory cards on a regular basis in camera.

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Thank you Gene .
Storm :thanks:
I notice that reformatting is faster than deleting all images when I've shot a lot of photos. This is only true for my dslr; I never noticed it for my point and shoots. Of course my dslr stores bigger files than my p&s's.

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