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Hope you don't mind, but I just thought I would do some bragging. I was selected as photographer of the month for October on VioVio.

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You should blow your horn, Joe.
That's great; I'm happy for you.

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Wat to go Joe!!!!

Congratulations Joe, you always have such interesting and colorful photos. :cheer2:

Tina B
Joe Congratulations to a well deserved photographer of the month. Your photos are always interesting. I am drawn in by so much of your work. You allow me the chance to leave Missouri for awhile and see what other gems this world has to offer.
Very well deserved Joe!! Congratulations! Your photos are always bright and colorful and so interesting. Judy said it well ... You allow us all the chance to leave our homes for awhile and see what other gems this world has to offer. :cheer2:
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Congratulations! :toast: You deserve it. You must have had a hard time choosing just a few from all your excellent photos for the PrestoPhoto featured photographer page.

Congratulations,Joe. You really deserve the recognition. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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f/16 on a sunny day.....:)
Well deserved, Joe. I always enjoy seeing your pictures. :thumbsup:

And you deserve it! Love looking at your shots.
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