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Congratulations, Joe, you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo deserve it
Congratulations!!! Your photos are truly award winning work and you deserved to be recognized for that.
Congratulations, Joe. It's a well deserved award. :cheer2:

To Everyone, thank you so much for your heartwarming comments. I think that the era of digital photography has given me the opportunity to explore my hobby in ways that I could never have considered years ago in the age of film. I really appreciate that all of you consider my work to be interesting and stimulating and that is what inspires me to keep trying to improve and become more creative. A lot of the work that I see posted here is wonderful photography, and this also gives me more ideas on what else I can try that I haven't tried before. We all help each other to the point where the synergy of this forum makes all of us greater than we ever could be on our own. Thank you again.

Following the advice of someone I consider to be a very creative photographer, Bryan Peterson (PPSOP)

You Keep Shooting!

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Congratulations Joe!!!!

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Part of being a featured photographer is bragging rights! Brag on! :cheer2:
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