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I was excited to read this article this morning:

A blurred image is the worst. And no matter how steady you think your hand is, it can be easy to ruin a shot. Luckily, Adobe's cooking up a Photoshop feature that'll automatically eliminate blur. You won't believe your eyes.

read the article here: ... cs-forever

I can't wait to fix my blurry pics. :)
Thanks for the link, Amy. I have a feeling the blur fixer will be part of CS6, or Adobe probably wouldn't have presented the information until after CS6 was out. Definitely a feature everyone will want. ---- how many $$ will this add to their product? - I speculate a lot.

Hopefully, Topaz Labs will be providing the same capability for those who will not be purchasing a new version of PS.
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Now I can't wait for CS6 to come out.
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