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My Tamron 300mm zoom/macro lens arrived yesterday. I did some practice shots in the yard today.

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Tennie, that photo is really clear where you wanted it clear. It looks like you bought a great lens. I'm happy for you.
Wow!! That lens along with some incredible talent produced a gorgeous photo!
Marvelous results. You sure are doing great with your new lens & Nikon. :thumbsup:
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Tennie, nice capture, perfect DOF. Looking forward to more images with your new toy.

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Very nice tennie, your photo is sharp and bright, I love it! What kind of Nikon are you using?
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wow i want to see more. Your photos are always interesting.
Very nicely done. I always have trouble with wind when attempting something like that.

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Thank you all so much for the kind words. :D

Julie, I went with an older model, Nikon 3000. It fit into the budget better than the newer ones.

Rusty, thank heavens for vibration reduction. DH keeps saying 'you can't get a decent picture with that breeze', but the faster shutter speed and VR often come through.
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