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I have a Nikon D3000 and just purchased a (smaller, PS) Nikon Coolpix S9050. Would I be able to shoot in RAW in the D3000? The Coolpix says something about RAW in the menu but I don't know how to go about using it. :help: please!!!

(Nothing in the 'short' manual...)
Hi Tennie,

Not sure of which camera you are really asking. I downloaded copies of the manuals and the D3000 will shoot RAW, but looks like the Coolpix can't as there is no reference to NEF or RAW in the manual.

For the D3000, check page 50 of the Reference Manual.
Thanks, John. I'll check the D3000 manual.

Can't understand why the Coolpix can't when the incamera menu mentions RAW images. But doesn't really matter....that's a convenience camera, easy to carry and small enough to fit in a pocket.

That's odd. Are you sure the S9050 model number is right? I can find that model number on the Nikon website, but not in any of my local camera stores or on DPREVIEW,COM
The number's correct. Checking the menu again the only place I see RAW is in the retouch or merge section. And I can't use that since there is no where to save as NEF or RAW.

For a P/S camera, this is not a simple one to learn. So many options and combinations. Sure wouldn't recommend it to a beginner but it does a great job shooting white flowers in the sun (with the proper setting).

Thanks again for your help. I did find the info on the D3000 in the online manual.

I checked the tech specs for your camera on the Nikon web site. JPEG is the only file format listed.
I don't know why RAW files would be listed in the camera's menu. I was surprised to see a point and shoot camera with a 12 Mpix sensor for such a low price.
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f/16 on a sunny day.....:)
Chas, I think the price reduction (orig. $270) is because it's a bit slow. Takes a good picture, but writing to the file takes too long and sometimes is slow to focus (but maybe that's just me). However, works very well macro and is a size that fits in the pocket. Was hoping for more candid people shots....ok for this but was hoping for 'quicker'. Still, a pretty good deal on the camera.
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