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I should have left the choices alone & kept what I had but wanted to try the different ones. Did you send a message yet or should I? Not sure what they were thinking with AJAX SCROLLER. I like the look of it but not sure why they made it that you don't have any choice to edit this one.
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Hey, guys - we have let Christian know about this and will keep you updated. Hope to get this fixed, ASAP!

FYI, I don't work on Fridays, so that is why it took me so long to respond. Many apologies and THANKS for letting us know about this.
thanks Amy. I am emailing with tech support . Thanks for the help. If they could put the choices at the top it would work great. Can not do anything with the gallery without the regular choices of delete or edit.
Hi guys,

Just a follow up - we have cleanup the ajax_scroller so it now looks reasonable, and there is also the header so you can change your galleries back.


Sorry for the inconvenience!
Thanks, Amy & Spider,

Isn't this a perfect example of fiddle fingers getting in trouble :roll:

Reminds me of an event back in my "working days". One of the things I did each month was review the prior month "loss run activity report" from our Workers' Compensation insurance company. They are always listed in date sequence. I'm reading for one location and see a pretty nasty injury --- worker got his hand caught in a conveyor. Then, two days later, I see almost the same injury description and this time I recognized the name -- I knew this guy -- he was the Safety Director for that location. I got on the phone to ask what in the h@#^ was going on and was informed, "Joe couldn't figure out what/why the injury occurred so he was attempting to duplicate the situation." Hmmm -- I guess he did.

Judy, this will teach you! :roll:

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Rusty you are so right! :rotfl:
Spider and Amy all works well except i have two galleries (scrapbooking and forum fun)that when i click on them it goes to the page i am attaching here.
Where o where did they go?
HI Judy,

There were several older galleries that needed updating to the matteo style. Try now...
Spider- Thank you so much everything works great now. So now i just need to learn to be less curious.
Spider & Amy, thanks so much for checking into this & getting it working so quickly. Knew there must be a solution especially since it was a choice to change the gallery look. leave it to me to be the 1st one to try it.
Thanks again,
Christell's Creations

PhotoSHOP, PhotoSHOP till' you drop...

A photograph is a moment frozen in time...

PSE7 & PSE8.....Nikon D60, D200 & D300
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