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My peonies weren't that great this year. We had a cold Spring, two days of very hot weather rushed then into activity, then cool weather returned. Of course, after they started blooming we had several days of driving rain. I wanted to try some selective focus images with a lot of smears of "out of focus color" around a single "in focus point".

I put what I think are "best effort" here. This link brings you to the first in a series of eight. The other seven follow "to the right".


(comments, including brickbats, appreciated)
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Rusty peonies are my favorite. I love the series of photos , excellent work. I think my favorite is the second one. (4580) But they all hold something different and wonderful.
Russ, 4580 is my favorite. They are all good, but that one really stands out.
Rusty, excellent peonies photos. The 3rd one is my favorite. That would be the one below.

I like all of them,Rusty.
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The last one, 4880. That's my favorite, definitely. Very pretty color and I like the focus on the middle of the 3 flowers.

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