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Congratulations to everyone! Beautiful images this week!

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Congratulations to everyone! Beautiful images this week!

Three very different images; each is a winner in my book.

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Outstanding images this week. Congratulations to all!
Congratulations, Russ and John! Fine photos. :thumbsup:

Thanks for all your votes. I was shocked to get both 1st and 2nd place. I actually voted for John's entry because I liked it better than mine.
Great pictures Russ, especially the gorgeous sunset!
John, thanks for the kind words.

I actually got several really beautiful sunsets pictures that evening. Deciding which one to enter was the hard part. Taking the pictures was a no brainer. Being there at the right time was pure luck.
Congratulations Russ and Julie. Great images this week. Absolutely gorgeous sunset, Russ, one of the best I have ever seen; mesmerizing!

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Joe, thanks for the kind words. I just love sunrises and sunsets. Years ago I took pictures of them all the time, now days I only do it once in a while. After all, how many pictures of sunsets does one need?
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