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I bought myself a Christmas present last week, a 27" iMac, along with a copy of Lightroom. This is the first image processed on the machine. Most of the fun was playing with LR, but I had to go to CS5 to clean up the sea gull droppings on the railings; I used the "Bird Poop Remover" tool.


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Really nice shot.

Love the BPR tool in CS5. :chickendance:

I have been using Lr for about 3 years now and wouldn't go back to anything else.

P.S. Depending on how much BP you are removing, you can do some pretty nifty BPRing in Lr with the spot/dust removal tool!
ha ha ha the BPR tool is a wonderful tool to have!
Great photo Joe. How do you like your new iMac? I've been thinking about getting one soon.
Nice job, Joe.

New toys are always fun. Right?

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Beautiful, Joe. Have fun with your new toy!
John, I have been using CS5 ACR all along and it has the same tools. Unfortunately, the birds here did a number :bigwink: on the railing and it did require the clone stamp.

Judy, the BPR tool is now one of my favorites.

Russ, I have been eyeing the iMac for a year now and saving my pennies (lots of them) to buy it. It is a fantastic machine. I am still getting used to it, but I would highly recommend it. The only thing to be aware of is that it only comes with a high gloss monitor, so you have to watch the area behind you to avoid reflections. Saying "twenty seven inch" is one thing, but actually working with it is mind boggling. You would love it. I have this image as the wallpaper on the iMac desktop; it is awesome at that size!

Rusty, yes, I love new toys, more fun then the human body can be conditioned to withstand!

Kim, Thank you, glad you like it

Carol, Thank you very much.

BTW, I also posted this image on the NAPP website and I was surprised to see this morning that Larry Becker and his Team picked this as one of the Editor's Choice images. I was humbled, it is my first EC on that site after more than 2 years of posting.

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Life is too short to drink cheap wine!
Joe, I can see why they picked you photo as Editor's Choice - it's excellent. Congrats!!!!

I switched to an iMac 4 years ago - it''s the 24" model. The 27" has been calling me for several months now. I'd feel foolish buying a new one because mine works as good today as it did 4 years ago. That being said, I'm planning on getting one in a few months.
Joe i agree with Russ it was picked because it is excellent. Congratulations.
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