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Image of the Month
March-2012-Image-of-the-Month-Winners.jpg (145.16 KiB) Viewed 2086 times

Page of the Month
March-2012-Page-of-the-Month-Winners.jpg (170.22 KiB) Viewed 2086 times

My Creations
Canon 40D, Canon 28-135mm IS lens, Canon 300D, Canon 18-55mm lens, CS3

Kimz Kreationz Blog
Congrats to everyone and thanks to those who voted for my entry.
I am honored and Congratulations to all. If anyone wants my white mask let me know . You can design your own mask.
What a great group of chosen ones. Congratulations!
Christell's Creations

PhotoSHOP, PhotoSHOP till' you drop...

A photograph is a moment frozen in time...

PSE7 & PSE8.....Nikon D60, D200 & D300
Congratulations to all the winners. Great bunch of pictures.
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