Updated your gallery and want folks to take a look? Saw a remarkable image in someone elses gallery? Post about it here!
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Tina the flower you added to your gallery is simply beautiful. However it will not let me go to your gallery. Maybe your setting changed like mine did awhile back. I had it set on public and it switched to private.
I have no clue! I didn't change anything but will look and see what I can do.
Tina B
Tina i had changed nothing in mine either. The gremlins changed it awhile back i think it happened to a few of us.
Where do I look to check and change mine back?

That's in advance - I've tried to find the location but failed.

Get into your "PrestoPhoto Account" ... you can click the link in the upper right corner of this page.
Then: (1) click "My Profile" in the upper right corner of that page and you will get a page that looks like this:
Profile-1.jpg (67.39 KiB) Viewed 2018 times

(2) click the center of the three icons in the upper right; that gives you the "Edit Profile Page". It looks like this:
Profile-2.jpg (53.34 KiB) Viewed 2018 times

On the left side you see "User Information". Click to see the dropdown menu; you have two choices. Select "public" if you want others to be able to see your gallery.

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Very well explained Rusty thank you.
ladybug wrote: Very well explained Rusty thank you.

I agree with Judy. Thanks for the help.

After I made the changes I had to log back in. When logging in the words they have you type are next to impossible to read. It took me three tries before I could get the letters correct. Things like that make life more interesting.

Thanks again - Russ
Russ I thought i was the only one who had trouble reading those. Thanks for keeping me company
After making the change things (on this site) aren't working like they used to. What I used to do was click on the new posts icon and then read all the new threads and the additions that were made since my last visit. Now when I click on the new post icon all I get is this thread and the joke thread. It's another example of things that make life more interesting. I guess it's possible that there hasn't been anything new other than those two?
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