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Is anyone else having problems uploading images to the VioVio gallery? I have tried several images, the latest being Dinner in the Making. I can see the thumbnails in the VioVio and in the rolling index on the home page of this forum and in the Images for July, but when clicked on, a broken Icon shows up indicating that the image is not available.

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When I click on the link I get a "Generating Thumbnails" icon. I tried the download option and get a 160Kb version of the image no problem, so must be a thumbnail generating problem.

Looked at your Dream Park Cascade image - WOW - lovely.
Mine is doing the same thing. I just put a thread in the administration area.
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Yes, it's still screwed up.

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I have PM'd Amy hopefully this will be corrected for us.
Christell's "Sketched Roses" seems to be the last image that loaded correctly. Still not working at this time.

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Life is too short to drink cheap wine!
Quote from Amy in another thread.
We just had a site update that could be causing this problem. I have notified the engineering team and will let you know when it's been fixed.

Thank you!
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