Updated your gallery and want folks to take a look? Saw a remarkable image in someone elses gallery? Post about it here!
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Just registered today. How do I create a personal gallery? Nice to see so many familiar names from Elements Village.

This site looks promising

Hi Jack,
Welcome to the Photoshop Creative forum!

From what I understand, many forum members create a gallery at Presto Photo com (formerly VioVio) & link to it.

When one signs in at Presto Photo, their username will be displayed on the upper right of the page. Use the drop down arrow beside the username & select 'My Photos'. A 'Create A Gallery' icon will then be displayed.

The first section of the page below explains creating & editing a gallery.

Support @PrestoPhoto suggests:
Make sure your PrestoPhoto account is set to "Public" under "My Preferences" in your account. Also, make sure the gallery is set to public.
Info regarding security levels:

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Thank you Betty
OK. I created a gallery in Presto Photo. Does it just sit there or can people get access to it from Photoshop Creative? I am beginning to miss Elements Village already because of the ease with which we could upload our images.

Members would be more aware of your gallery, if you would include a link to it in your signature.

I'm looking forward to seeing it. :thumbsup:

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Hello Betty

Thanks for getting back to me, but forgive my ignorance but where do I find "Signature". This is a link to my gallery. Is this all there is to it?



You have a "signature" now, but it takes a logged in user to their gallery page, not your specific gallery page. Here is what you need to do in detail to get the link to your gallery page.

Click on your Board userid (upper right, top corner), you will see a dropdown with one option being the User Control Panel. Click on the User Control Panel.

You should see a page that gives you a series of tabs, click on the one that says Profile, then click on Edit Signature.

The edit signature text box will come up. Whatever you enter in here will be added to your post at the bottom. For mine, I have my name, and a hot-link to My Stuff that links users to the Gallery page in Prestophoto.

So. It looks like this


[u rl=http://www.prestophoto.com/photos/?user_id=16045]My Stuff[/url] (space between u and r in url to force it to show the link detail)

To find out your Gallery URL, go to prestophoto.com and if you are logged in at the top right corner you will see another dropdown with your name. Click on it, then click on the My Photos link and you will go to your gallery page.

Spend some time figuring out where you want people who follow your link to go – mine is to Browse Galleries, then copy that URL address. Might be a good idea to copy this to a word/text processor application as the Edit Signature screen always seems to give you an empty signature page.

Copy your signature text to the clipboard, then go to the Edit Signature page and copy your text in and then click on the Submit button at the bottom.

If anyone is interested, I have a small Execl spreadsheet that I can email to you that automates the generation of the URL line in the signature panel. Just type in your text (My Stuff) and paste in the gallery URL and it will create the link text with all the brackets and stuff

Thanks for posting the detail instructions. They are very helpful.

Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
Thank you John. I will give it a go tomorrow. Your instructions look great

Yep it show but not what it need to look like...
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