Updated your gallery and want folks to take a look? Saw a remarkable image in someone elses gallery? Post about it here!
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The Enable BBCode by Default has been check.

Judy's link worked but not in the signature.


Almost there, forgot about these things you need to do also. :doh:

1. Go to User Control Panel

2. Click on Board Preferences tab

3. Click on Edit Posting defaults item

4. Check the "Enable BBCode by Default" to Yes

5. Click on green Submit button.

The syntax of ALL of your links is good, just needs the BBCode option turned on.

You might have to re-edit the signature panel option to get it stick, but that should be it.

I am stumped, I copy your text into o new message, preview it, and I see the hyper text link to Joe Pictures - just like that.

May be a bug or a weird board setting.

Can Betty, Michel or Spider help out here?????

Yours is an "old" account, I am going to try and establish a new account as jlwilmtest and see what I can see.
John, I placed a request earlier today for Spider to read this thread. My account is also an old one.
I also have a new account (bjtx). I'll be happy to try your instructions.

Thanks for trying to work out this unexpected issue.

Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S

Also set up new jlwilmtest account, and had no problems. See Site Improvements and Administration.

Something is off here!

Joe Pictures
The test link works fine.

Yes, on my new and old accounts. But not on Joe's. :crying:
Dang i sure hope it gets solved. I noticed the link i posted was to one specific gallery not to Joes page where all his gallerys will show up. So i really want to correct myself if Joe wanted a link so all the gallerys show. Here is what i typed.
new-joes-gallery.JPG (5.23 KiB) Viewed 2011 times

Joe's Gallery

John thank you so much for helping Joe. I do hope he gets to post his link in his signature soon.
I am delighted to say that, thanks to the help and advice from several members on this forum, my gallery, The Casement Collection, is now up and running.


So glad you are up and running. I love your collection very cool.
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