Updated your gallery and want folks to take a look? Saw a remarkable image in someone elses gallery? Post about it here!
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that's what I did und I tried it again just now. No result.
I can navigate your site perfectly, so I don't think it's me.

Hi Rita,

Unfortunately, I don't know why you are having trouble viewing Jack's gallery.
The good news is that Meghan (support person) informs us there will be some engineers to check into the software bugs.

When the problem you are experiencing resolves, please let us know.

Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
Hi Jack,

Like your stuff, and based on your web site, you have a lot of good stuff going on.

Looking at your web site, and in prestophoto parlance, so far you have 2 galleries - New Images ( http://www.prestophoto.com/photos/gallery/132741 ) and The Casement Collection ( http://www.prestophoto.com/photos/gallery/132580 )

I think a couple of our members are having issues getting to the New Images gallery - dont know why.

One thing you can do is use the hot text link technique in your signature and make it look like this

jackthelad wrote: I have added some new images to my gallery. Your comments would be most welcome

{url=http://www.prestophoto.com/photos/gallery/132741]new images[/url]

I have added some New Images to my gallery. Your comments would be most welcome

That way, your post has a direct link to the gallery your set up - no hunting involved.
Rita i do hope whatever is keeping you from getting to the correct spot gets worked out. Thanks for the information Betty hope they can get rid of the kinks. I am Thankful for all the background work that is being done.
Jack i love your work.
This one is really cool.
http://www.prestophoto.com/photos/view_ ... itcomments
Hello Everyone

Sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing getting access to my galleries. John helped my set this up and it has worked perfectly ever since, and Judy advised me on how to add extra galleries. When I click on the link below it goes straight to my gallery, where you can see the New Images gallery.
Hi Jack,
You sure have a nice gallery. Your work is very creative & original.

I especially enjoy this beautiful image http://www.prestophoto.com/photos/galle ... 41#4761475

Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
Thank you Betty. Keep watching this space as there are more images on the way

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