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Ok only when I am in the prestophoto gallery, I get a an error icon on the bottom left corner. When I click on it this is the message that comes up. How would I correct this one? :help:
What was the message, Shari. I am getting that all the time now also but it doesn't seem to be affecting anything that I can see
Suzi, I can't post a smiley on the comments in the galleries. This one has me stumped. I don't know Suzi, maybe somone will come along an let us know. Sorry about that, I forgot to put in the link :shock:
Shari, I would send that to support@prestophoto.com. Sypder would know what to do.
Thank you, Suzi will do! I will let you know when I find out :thanks:
Pretty sure that message is the result of some coding error on the web page. Spider would be the man to take care of that.

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Thank you Gene, I have emailed him so maybe he will get it fixed for me!
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