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All of a sudden I am getting these pop-ups when I am on the web. I have run my virus program and my spyware (more times than I can count in the last 2 days)and it is still happening. Do I need to take my computer to the shop or is there anyway I can fix this myself. I have my pop-up control set to max and still it is happening
Run Spybot and see what it says.
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I will look into that one. this is really annoying!! The spyware I have is supposed to be really good but it is missing something
Susan, I use AVG Anti-Virus is free and so far so good. I also use Cobian Backup is free also, no problem. I hope you are not using Norton for they are the target of every hacker.
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Suzi, DEFINITELY run SpyBot. AVG is great, but it doesn't catch everything.
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Well, it is about to go into the shop, yuck. I have gotten something that I can't remove. My whole computer is wonky right now. They promised I would have it back tomorrow.
Just read in a post by Jane that some Firefox update or something is causing a problem with AdBlocker. Maybe that has caused your problem.

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Don't use foxfire!! Like a kid when you decide to take to doctor and they start to feel better. Now it is acting alright.
Edit: It is gone but still have this computer so you aren't rid of me completely, lol
I've never had problems with Firefox until the last version came out. My computer was so slow & it seemed like it was freezing more & almost every page took forever to load. I just came home & now it updated itself to the newest version. I now have Firefox 3.0.6. I have to say it seems pretty good. Things so far seem to be loading quicker including firefox itself. Seems like they worked out the kinks with this latest one. Maybe you might want to try it & see if it helps you.

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So what is foxfire exactly. you guys all use it but know nothing about it!!
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