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A colleage at work was telling me about some screw on macro lenses he got from ebay,they are not extention tubes,apparently they are just like filter lenses,the more you put on the closer you can get to your' subject.
Has anyone out there got or used these,as I am sorely tempted,and it would be a much, much cheaper option than buying a dedicated macro,which is only a pipe dream at the mo anyway.
kind regards,
Min, these have been around for many years. My first real camera was a one-lens 35mm range finder. Screw on adapters could be used for a sort of telephoto and a sort of close up. Go here and scan thru 19 pages of options to give you some ideas [click "GO" up at the top next to the search box]...
http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/control ... tlist.jsp&

If you really want one, look for a UK online retailer. I would avoid eBay.

As you look thru that list you will see some glaring differences: Konica Minolta $15.00, Canon $75 and if you get into lens diameters over 70mm then prices are well over a hundred bucks. The differences are due to the quality of the optical glass used. The close up is no different than any other filter you stick over your lens, crappy glass is going to degrade your image. For only fifteen dollars, if I really wanted one, I would be willing to try Konica. If it's no good, toss it -- no great loss.

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I take the 500D for canon in a size to fit my 75-300 on trips to use when space/wt are at a premium. Not as good as a macro, but works in a pinch.
thanks for the info folks,I'm going to be really cheeky and ask my colleage if I can borrow his to see what they are like,I'm not sure if he has the same lens fitting as me,I understand what you mean about the lens quality hun,but for what I do its worth getting a cheaper type to play around with first.
thanks for the advice.
ljameso1 wrote: I take the 500D for canon in a size to fit my 75-300 on trips to use when space/wt are at a premium. Not as good as a macro, but works in a pinch.

I've read that the 500D is quite good. Haven't tried one myself, but it certainly appears to be an economic alternative to a high $$ macro lens.
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I'd suggest that, when you buy filters, Hoya are available in most UK shops and online stores.... not cheap, but you'll also need to look out for "Multi-Coated" in particular - that really does make a difference on most filters.
Bear in mind, though, that while they're not expensive individually, you may want two or three different strengths, and then maybe the same number for each lens.... and that can soon add up.

For example.... the Hoya filters at 67mm (a typical size, just for example) are 33 of your UK pounds each at Jessops (you can actually buy a set of 3 for each filter size but the Jessops site doesn't come up with those from a search). So there's 100 quid spent on just one lens.... if you want filters for another lens that's another 100 quid. I'd definitely got for one set to start with, and as it's not easy to find the sets online, I'd pop into (or phone first).....
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and grab the salesman warmly by the throat. As you can see, though, the cost can add up - to the point where it becomes cheaper to get a nice new macro lens.
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thanks guys,dont know about grabbing him warmly around the throat hun,,lol.
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