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I was discussing 16-bit photography recently and while PS Elements cannot do much with 16-bit images (no layers), even PS still will not do everything and costs a lot of money. It was suggested to me that I might try another program...... LightZone. I downloaded a free trial and I was really quite impressed. It doesn't seem to use layers but it has got some really neat tricks - and doesn't need ACR or another Raw program because it does the conversion itself and it's updated (online) so often that it keeps up with any new cameras released. I think it takes DNG too. It's CA$260 and would certainly give me some better quality larger prints with its full 16-bit editing.

Of course, the drawbacks with this kind of "new kid on the block" (i.e. non-PS compatible, small user base) are that there are nowhere near the same volume of tutorials, forums, tips, books or magazines about it as there are for PS and PSE. And I've got a few other things I'd like to buy first - e.g. a decent screen calibration tool like Spyder.

But with that potential print quality.... it's very tempting!

Anybody else fancy an experiment and having a go with the free trial? I'd love to hear other opinions.

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Hi hun,took a look at this and really liked what it does,have downloaded the 30 trial,it takes a while to find your' way around but got some interesting results,Ido like the very easy way that you can mask off a spesific area of the pic to work on.

I see that they have it on their Web site for $99.95

Seems very tempting..although like you said it not like PS and does have a small user base

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