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While cleaning out a closet full of old cameras and bags I found a Hanimex F2.8 135mm Automatic Telephoto lens. Is it worth anything or can it go to the recycle ? It was for a Cannon AE-1. Do old cameras have any value? or just recycle ?
Tina B
If you cant use it hun ,why not take it to your' local camera shop/stockist,over here in uk they will usually value it for you and you might be able to part exchange it for something you want and could use.
Or put it on E.BAY if you just want to sell it on.?
Boy this is an old thread! I took my camera stuff to the local camera shop. They sell things on consignment and they seem to sell things reasonable. I will have to check and see if anything of mine as sold. I forgot all about them.
Tina B
I find that if you happened to cut the leg of a table to short, they (the lenses) make great extentions. :woohoo: :rotfl:
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fdlite wrote: I find that if you happened to cut the leg of a table to short, they (the lenses) make great extentions. :woohoo: :rotfl:

To funny :woohoo: I would bet they would come in handy for all kinds of things.
Tina B
I checked on the old camera stuff I took the camera shop to sell . They said the 35mm camera was no good anymore. It had collected moisture and had some rust inside and out. The lens was froze up. They did say they flash unit I had and the other lens would sell out once school starts in the fall again. I was surprised that they said the flash unit would sell pretty quickly because the old ones that work are hard to get. I said what ever you get for them is fine with me. They are not worth anything sitting in the closet. I donated another old broken camera to the recycle at the store. He said that there is someone who will take them apart and use them for parts and I said I was glad to let them go and didn't care who used them or recycled them.
just an update :puter:
Tina B
OMG, Inever noticed the date of the post hun ,just jumped on in with a possible answer, lol :doh: ,but at least your' old kit is helping someone else eh.
min. :)
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